Lenders must establish the creditworthiness of applicants as a fundamental step in the credit process. Many of our clients choose to outsource credit reviews because it’s not cost-effective for them to maintain the in-house expertise required to perform theses mandated review processes internally. Tribus supports many of its clients with comprehensive credit review services including:


Assessment of borrower’s financial capacity, verification of documentation, testing for compliance with institution’s policies and procedures, recommendations on covenants and collateral, validate assigned risk rating


Assessment of borrower's ongoing financial capacity, credit grading and policy opinion, preparation of credit approval presentation and documentation


Review of an individual nation's economic, financial and political outlook to support institution's country risk policy and rating

Dedicated Professionals

Our national credit review practice is comprised of a team of dedicated credit risk professionals—including former regulators, credit analysts, lenders and chief credit officers—that understands the unique credit risk issues your financial institution faces.


By leveraging the specific skills of our credit risk advisors, we ensure they are experienced with the unique loan types, structures and industry niches maintained by your financial institution.


We understand your regulatory and procedural demands and can bring significant efficiencies and value to your processes, creating a sustainable credit review solution.


Let our passionate, experienced credit risk team develop customized solutions that generate value for you.

Extensive Experience

Benefit from our team’s experience gained from serving financial institutions Europe-wide. Our team provides credit review solutions for institutions of varying size and complexity, from small community financial institutions to national and international commercial financial institutions.


Our clients have a wide variety of loan types and credit structures, including commercial real estate, commercial and industrial, trade finance, leveraged lending, asset-based lending, and more.


Our credit review capabilities can be tailored to an institution’s own credit policy, credit process and risk committee timetable.


We can provide our expertise as either a managed service or as individually commissioned reviews for single or groups of clients.

Additional support we provide our clients to manage their credit risk function

Independent review of the

lending lifecycle

Independent review of risk

grading models

Due diligence of purchase and sale of loan portfolios

Audit and Section 166


Lending framework and governance design